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  • Haskell Relational Record Composable, Typesafe SQL building [html] [markdown], Kei Hibino, 2016.09.17, Haskell Day 2016, Japan
  • Haskell Relational Record’s Query-Building DSL [html] [markdown], Kei Hibino, 2014.12.25
  • Relational Record Released! [html] [markdown], Kei Hibino, 2014.12.20, Haskell Mokumoku kai, Japan

Papers in English

Slides in Japanese

  • Haskell Relational Record, 機能と構成 [html] [markdown], Kei Hibino, 2016.1.31, HRR code reading meetup, Japan
  • Composable, Typesafe Query building [html] [markdown]

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