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What is HRR?

Haskell Relational Record (HRR) is a query generator based on typed relational algebra and correspondence between SQL value lists and Haskell record types, which provide programming interfaces to Relational DataBase Management Systems (RDBMS).

  • Abstracted - relations are expressed as high level expressions and they are translated into SQL statements. Drivers are provided for DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and OracleSQL.
  • Type safe - SQL statements produced by HRR are guaranteed to be valid if the Haskell code compiles. Even the types of placeholders are propagated.
  • Composable - relations can be composed to build bigger relations.
  • Automatic - SQL schema is obtained from a target DB and Haskell types are automatically generated at compile time.



If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please submit github issues.

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